Alex L. Huffman, RN

Alex Huffman, RN

Alex grew up in Nyssa, OR. After graduating high school, Alex continued pursuing her education and achieved an Associates of Arts in 2017 and her Nursing degree in 2020. Currently, Alex is enrolled at Bushnell University for a BSN and has focused her specialty training on skin care, skin care products, the use of injectable fillers and neurotoxins for cosmetic enhancements, as well as laser and light based skin treatments. Alex enjoys making individuals feel heard, cared for, and loves helping others feel empowered through making improvements in skin and in accentuating the beauty in every individual.

Alex is married to her high school sweetheart, Jacob. In her free time Alex enjoys spending time outdoors, working out, spending time with family and friends, having game nights and movie nights. Her life is anchored by her faith, and she enjoys serving in her local church.

Alex is excited and ready to serve the local community with their skin care and skin rejuvenation needs and to utilize her passion to help you meet your goals for healthier attractive skin.